D Fense… D Fense… D Fense! Discover the deep, dark secrets of the Outback and prepare for some Fierce D Fense for your skin. Delay no more and reconnect with natures harmony by protecting and hydrating for decadent smooth, healthy skin and dramatically deep tan color. Its time to pamper that skin… D’lectable!

  • Exotic Desert Blend:
    • Unique proprietary blend of exotic Desert Pea Flower and Desert Harvest fruits for intense moisturization and skin D Fense
  • Lotus Flower Water:
    • Soothes, protects and provides powerful moisturization for longer lasting dark color
  • Vitamin Drink:
    • Enriched with Vitamins A, E and Pro-Vitamin D
  • Tanning Blend:
    • Lusciously moisturizes, revealing healthy smooth skin that is even-toned to perfection
  • Tanfresh Blend:
    • Helps increase after-tan freshness and eliminates after-tan odor
  • Escape to your sea-side getaway with this Sexy Sun fragrance.