Skin Care

Your skin is your largest and most visible organ. The best way to maximize your tanning potential, and to increase the time it takes you to tan, is to find the right combination of high-quality tanning equipment and tanning products. At Beyond Bronze, we have highly qualified Tanning Specialists who are ready to help you find the perfect combination of equipment and product for your individual skin type.More…

Beyond Bronze Tanning Boutique is dedicated to offering our guests the highest quality tanning products. This is why we exclusively carry Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, and California Tan products. We have a wide selection of tanning lotions and moisturizers to help you build and maintain your perfect bronze glow.Hide Content

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Indoor tanning lotions are specifically formulated to help you get tan quicker and stay tan longer. These lotions contain ultra-moisturizing ingredients, and can maintain healthy and younger looking skin. The key to tanning success is MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! The tanning process dries out your skin, so it is vital that you continually moisturize. Indoor tanning lotions also help open up your pores and help with the absorption of UV light. Dry skin cells tend to stand up and reflect UV light, and moist skin cells are better able to absorb the light. Dry skin also tends to flake off, and when you lose dry skin, you also lose your tan! Using high quality tanning lotions from Beyond Bronze can help you get up to 3x’s better results than tanners who do not use lotion. So help keep your skin healthy and moisturized while tanning. Our Tanning Specialists can help you choose which lotion is right for you.

Types of Indoor Tanning Lotions

When you first begin learning about indoor tanning lotions, they can seem overwhelming. At Beyond Bronze, we want you to feel comfortable with the products we offer. Overall, all lotions will keep you moisturized, increase the efficiency of the tanning process, speed up the absorption of UV rays, help you tan quicker, and extend the life of your tan. There are a few broad categories that many of our lotions fit into, and within the categories each lotion has specific characteristics that make them unique. Although we carry a wide array of indoor tanning lotions, we can help you choose the right lotion for your skin and stage of tanning.More…

The four general categories are as follows:

  • Accelerators/Intensifiers- these are the “workhorse” of tanning lotions.  These help prepare your skin’s condition for absorption of UV rays.  Many of these promote a dark, bronze color through hydration and conditioning properties.
  • Bronzers-these are the most common of the lotions carried at Beyond Bronze.  Bronzers promote an even darker color because they contain bronzing agents in them, yet still prepare the skin’s condition for tanning.  There are two types of bronzers available at Beyond Bronze:
    • Natural (Immediate) Bronzers-These lotions use natural bronzing agents to provide an immediate bronze effect on the skin. Some of these immediate bronzers may wash off in the shower, but will still assist in deepening your tan.
    • Delayed Bronzers-These lotions use “self-tanning” agents such as DHA. Self-tanning agents stain the first few dead layers of skin, and the color lasts several days.
    • o Some bronzers may have a combination of bronzing agents to give you both an immediate and delayed color. For example, if a lotion is a 20x bronzer, it has 20 bronzing agents in its ingredients.
  • Tingle- Tingle lotions increase the blood circulation to the skin which increases the oxygen levels flowing to your skin.  Oxygen aids in the tanning process for a darker color.  Tingle lotions are typically recommended for experienced tanners.  The tingle effect is a hot sensation and a reddening of the skin. Some lotions are rated by with a tingle factor so the tanner knows how intense the tingle will be.  This sensation can last for up to an hour.
  • Coolant- Cooling lotions leave a light, refreshing, cool feeling on your skin while you are tanning and once your session is over.

Many lotions we carry combine two types of lotions. The most popular combinations are tingle with bronzer, accelerator with bronzer, and bronzer with cooling. When these tanning agents are combined, the lotions provide “double duty” and give the effect of the two categories of lotions.Hide Content

Facial Lotions

The skin on your face is one of your most sensitive areas of skin. It is also the most visible skin on your body. When tanning, it is important to use a specially formulated facial tanning lotion to keep your face moisturized and fight wrinkles. Beyond Bronze offers several facial lotions for your needs.

Tan Extenders and Moisturizers

These are moisturizers that help prolong the life of your tan. These products can be applied after your tan and after your bath or shower to keep you tan vibrant for longer. Tan extenders and moisturizers are made with nutrients and vitamins that your skin loses during tanning. Moist skin will tan better and hold color longer.

Body Wash

Some body wash products actually contain ingredients that can strip your tan. Beyond Bronze offers a body wash that is sulfate free which will not prematurely fade your tan and actually work to extend your tan. When this tan extending body wash is used in conjunction with a tan extending moisturizer and tanning lotion, you can be assured you are getting the maximum benefit of your tanning process.

Sunless Products

Proper care of you sunless tan can extend the life of your bronze glow. It is essential that sunless tanners properly prepare and maintain their skin care needs. Products are available to be sprayed on as a multi-session or as a take home product. Exfoliation is a first necessary step as well as a ph balancer to ensure even absorption. DHA, the active ingredient in sunless tanning solution can dry the skin out more than usual. Therefore, a moisturizing product is imperative along with a gentle body wash. Some over-the-counter products actually contain ingredients and chemicals that will quickly strip your sunless tan. Speak with a Beyond Bronze Tanning Technician to determine your needs to prolong and ensure even fading for your sunless tan.