Memberships are available for all UV tanning equipment. Choose your favorite bed and save money by purchasing a weekly, monthly or VIP membership to that level. With a membership, you may tan in any piece of equipment on that level or any level below. If you choose to tan in a piece of equipment on a higher level than your membership, you may upgrade for small session fee of $3 per level. This gives our guest flexibility in any membership they choose. This is important due to the benefit of changing levels to expose your skin to different ratios of UVA & UVB light to optimize tanning results.More…

Weekly Memberships are set at one low rate equal to two single visit sessions. With a weekly membership, guest may tan once per day for seven consecutive days. For example, someone who purchases a weekly membership on Monday, may tan every day until (and including) the following Sunday.

Monthly Memberships allow guest to tan once per day for 30 days. There are no session fees. One flat rate enables guest unlimited tanning for 30 days. Monthly memberships include one free upgrade to the next level. Also, those purchasing a monthly membership for the first time receive a free pair of eyewear! Remember, memberships include all equipment on the level of membership purchased and below. Upgrades are available to tan on higher levels as well!

VIP Memberships are for those who love to tan and love to save money. VIP is a year membership with deeply discounted tanning prices. Once enrolled, VIP members receive exclusive member specials and lotion discounts. At time of enrollment, enjoy 25% off one product of your choice. Each time a VIP member visits Beyond Bronze, they receive a Bronze platter with a special VIP towel and other goodies! VIP Treatment! Overall, the VIP membership is the most convenient and cost-effective way to stay bronze and warm all year long! As a VIP member, you never know what special surprises may be in store for you when visit Beyond Bronze! For further information on the benefits of becoming a VIP member, stop in and speak to a Tanning Specialist!Hide Content


Credit Packages are an avenue to purchase single visit sessions at a discounted rate. This package is helpful to those interested in getting some color for a short-term need or those who only tan occasionally. A guest may use credits towards any UV tanning equipment. At each tanning session, credits are deducted from your account correlating to the equipment used. We offer packages of 40, 80, 160, and 320 credits and expire in 90 to 180 days depending upon package purchased. For example, a person purchasing a credit package of 80 credits is receiving $80 worth of tanning for only $60. For more information about how credits may benefit your tanning needs, stop by Beyond Bronze and speak to one of our Tanning Specialists.


Sunless spray tans are available through two different methods: Custom spray tans applied by a certified spray technician, and an automated spray booth. Visit the Sunless Equipment section of this website to learn more about the difference between the two. Full body sprays are the most popular, however, options are available for only face or only leg sprays.

Additional add-ons are available to enhance your spray tan including prep gel, moisture treatment, exfoliation treatment, cocktail or a spray tan removal if desired.More…


When enrolled in the 365 Sunless Membership, guests receive 50% off all clear or bronze booth spray tans for 365 days from date of purchase. Members also enjoy 10% off all sunless products. Upgrades to a custom spray are available.

VIP Sunless Membership is a year membership with deeply discounted booth spray tanning for one low monthly rate. Members may receive a clear or bronze full body booth spray up to eight sessions per month. Other member benefits include $3 add-ons (prep, moisture, cocktail), 10% off all sunless products and two free upgrades to the custom spray tan. At time of enrollment, enjoy 25% off one product of your choice and the VIP treatment during each visit!


Packages of four are available for both the custom or booth spray tanning systems. The packages are for full body sprays or either bronze or clear solution. Purchasing a package of four spray tans at once saves money as opposed to purchasing single session spray tans. Packages expire in six months and are always buy three, get one free.Hide Content


VIP All Inclusive Memberships allow those enrolled to enjoy unlimited access to salon equipment. Members may tan in any level UV equipment and receive up to eight spray tans for one low monthly price! This membership provides the best value for those who love to tan in UV and sunless equipment. UV tanning is often used in conjunction with spray tanning to open pores and seal the solution for a more even, deeper penetrating sunless tan. Spray tanning is often used in conjunction with UV tanning to help even out those hard to tan areas such as the face and legs. This membership allow guest to have the best of both worlds! Unlimited resources are at their fingertips to ensure the perfect bronze glow year round! Member benefits include free sunless add-on, 10% discount on sunless and UV tanning products, and 20% discount on other sunless services. At time of enrollment, enjoy 25% off one product of your choice. Oh . . and don’t forget the VIP treatment you will receive during each visit to Beyond Bronze! Yes! You can have it all! For further information, or to enroll today, stop by and speak to one of our tanning specialist!


Although we love to save our guest money through one of our memberships or credit packages, we also understand that sometimes you are only looking for one tanning session. We have the most cutting-edge equipment of any tanning salon in the area, and we would be delighted for you to experience Beyond Bronze, even if you only come in for a single visit. Stop by Beyond Bronze today and we can help you choose the bed to best suit your tanning goals and skin type.