Sunless Equipment

Sunless Equipment

Beyond Bronze offers you the latest technology in Spray Tanning for the perfect, natual looking tan you are looking for!  Whether you choose a Custom Spray Tan for bronze perfection or the VersaSpa for a quick and easy glow, we have the best sunless options for you!

Norvell Custom Spray Tanning

For those who desire the deepest, most natural tan possible.  A certified Spray Tan Technician will give you perfectly even coverage, with the highest quality sunless solution.  You will leave with instant bronze color and get even darker over the next few hours!

VersaSpa Spray Tan Booth

If you want a quick beautiful tan, the VersaSpa is for you! Let our state-of-the-art VersaSpa give you the instant tan you crave. Choose between immediate bronze solution, or clear solution that won’t stain your clothes!


What is a spray tan or sunless tan?More…

Spray Tanning is an alternative to UV tanning, that requires a solution to be applied to the skin and requires no UV rays. Spray tanning solutions contain a natural tanning agent called DHA (dihydroxyacetone). This ingredient reacts to the proteins in the outermost layers of the skin to produce a beautiful bronze color. The solution is not a stain, paint, or dye. The active ingredient in the solution is clear, however some spray tan solutions have a cosmetic bronzing additive, and this additive will rise away revealing the color produced. After the sunless application, the skin will begin to darken in about 3-4 hours and the tan will continue to develop for up to 24 hours. The tan will last approximately 5-7 days. There are specific steps to take in order to maximize the life of the tan. These will be outlined in the discussion. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and a spray tan technician will answer your questions!Hide Content


What will happen when I arrive for my spray session?More…

Color choices:
Prior to your arrival, be thinking about what color you would like to have for your spray tan. The choices are light, medium, and dark. Light is for those who desire a subtle glow. Medium is the most popular choice and will give a natural bronze color to the skin. Dark is for those who want an natural yet significant tan. (Significant does not mean orange, just dark!) When you arrive, a tanning technician can help you finalize your decision about the right color to meet your goals and skin tone. When choosing between 2 colors, we recommend you choose the lighter color for your first session to test your skin’s reaction to DHA, and the next time you can always go darker! If you are choosing the VersaSpa Spray booth, you may choose to have a clear solution with no cosmetic bronzer additive. If you choose this, you will not notice an immediate coloration and there is no risk of bronzer staining your clothing.

Cocktails to enhance your tan:
You should also determine which add-on services–”cocktail” you would like. We offer a prep spray which will balance the ph of your skin, allowing for better absorption of the sunless solution and resulting in a deeper, longer lasting color. This is a solution that is sprayed on before the sunless solution. A post-moisture treatment is also available since DHA will dehydrate your skin. The moisture treatment can hydrate your skin without streaking your color. Also, you can choose to use our stand up tanning bed after spray tanning to help set your color and dry even faster. Robes and tanning glasses will be provided if you choose the UV tanning cocktail!

You should arrive with exfoliated, clean, and shaved skin with no makeup, lotion, or deodorant.

You will be taken to the spray tan room by a tanning technician and he or she will explain how to carefully apply barrier cream to hands, feet, nails, knees, and elbows. Barrier cream is a lotion that will block the absorption of DHA in places that do not naturally tan in the sun like the palms of your hands and cuticles. Careful barrier cream application is a vital part in achieving a natural looking sunless tan. If you are an avid sunless tanner or UV, you may choose to invest in Nail Savers. Nail Savers are a product that slip over your fingertips to ensure your cuticles and nails are not stained with DHA–these are especially useful for those with nail enhancements.

Many guests wear disposable shower caps provided by Beyond Bronze during their sunless session to keep the mist from getting in their hair. Others tan without covering their hair. The solution cannot penetrate the hair follicles and will wash out. Also, if you plan to purchase disposable spa wear, please let the technician know at the time of check in.

Ingredients in sunless solution have been approved by the FDA for use as a self-tanning skin agent. To date, testing results have not indicated any adverse effects to the inhalation or contact with mucus membranes. However, if you are concerned with inhalation of DHA, Beyond Bronze has nose filters available for purchase. If you chose not to utilize nose protection, we recommend you hold your breath during the misting session in the VersaSpa booth (about 8 seconds). For custom tans, you should hold your breath as your face is sprayed.

For Custom Spray Tans:
The spray tanning technician will show you to the spray tan room, explain how to apply barrier cream, adjust the shower cap, and how to apply the sticky feet. Sticky feet are provided to protect the soles of your feet from becoming too tan. The technician will step out of the room, giving you privacy to undress. Once you place the door hanger outside, the technician will know you are ready to begin your session and enter the room. During the spray tan session, the technician will direct you how to position your body for even application. The actual spray time will take about 5-7 minutes depending on which add-ons you choose. You will be given a chance to dry off using a dryer that is part of the spray tan system. Including prep, spray, and dry time your entire session should last about 15-25 minutes. Once dry, you may dress and exit the room with your wonderfully tan skin! If you are receiving a UV cocktail, you may dress in the provided robe and go directly to the stand up booth. The tanning technician will set your time for 1-3 minutes depending on your skin type. This will help “set” your sunless tan and ensure your body is completely dry.

For VersaSpa Booth Tans:
The tanning technician will show you to the VersaSpa Spray Booth, explain how to apply the barrier cream, shower cap, and demonstrate the positions in which you will need to stand for an even tan. There is a reference poster displayed in the room if you need a reminder. Once you have applied barrier cream and undressed, you may step into the booth and put your hand over the green motion detector to begin. The VersaSpa booth is equipped with a voice prompt, so you will know when to do each position. For each position, you will receive 2 passes of solution and 2 passes of drying. If you choose to do a prep cocktail, you will have 2 “sessions”–the prep will be sprayed first and you will do 2 positions. The second session will be the sunless solution, and you will do 4 positions. Once your session is over, the booth will automatically clean itself while you are getting dressed. This entire session should take about 5-7 minutes! Once you are dressed you may exit the booth and enjoy your beautiful tan! If you are receiving a UV cocktail, you may dress in the provided robe and go directly to the stand up booth. The tanning technician will set your time for 1-3 minutes depending on your skin type. This will help “set” your sunless tan and ensure your body is completely dry.Hide Content


What should I do before I come in for my sunless tanning session?More…

The most important step in spray tan preparation is exfoliation. Since the spray tan solution only reacts with the outermost layers of skin, it is important to remove dead layers of skin cells. Spray tanning on fresh skin will help your skin last longer. You should use a non-oily exfoliator 12-24 hours before your spray. Using certain exfoliators too close to your session can also block the mist. Beyond Bronze carries several choices of exfoliators made to work with the sunless solution, and one if these can be used up to an hour before your spray session. Always shave the before your session as this is also an exfoliation method.

You should arrive with exfoliated and clean skin that is void of perfumes, lotions, makeup, and heavy deodorant. These products can cause a barrier on the skin, blocking the spray mist. You should also bring either a dark swimsuit or undergarments that you do not mind having sprayed. Although the spray solution is mostly water soluble, we don’t recommend wearing any light colored garments that you may be afraid to stain. Beyond Bronze also has several disposable pieces available for purchase if you would rather wear these items, we can help you choose the right piece. If you are receiving a custom airbrush tan, we require that you wear bottom undergarments and tops are optional. For the Versa Spa spray booth, you may tan as you choose.Hide Content


You should begin to get darker about 4-6 hours after your sunless session. This color can continue to develop for up to 24 hours!More…

Avoid any activities that could cause perspiration or moisture after your sunless session and before your first shower. (ie: swimming, exercise, rain, etc.)

We recommend waiting as long as possible to shower after your session to allow for full development of the DHA. For your first shower, we recommend taking a warm water rinse without soap. The longer you wait to shower, the longer your tan will last, and the better your color will become.

If you received a custom spray tan, or if you chose the VersaSpa solution with cosmetic bronzer, you will notice that the cosmetic will rinse off and your skin is tanned underneath. This is not your spray tan washing off, just the instant bronzer.

Avoid taking long, hot showers.

Use mild moisturizing body wash lathering with your hands or a soft cloth. Beyond Bronze has body washes designed specifically to cleanse without stripping, streaking, or fading your sunless tan. Bar soap will fade your tan quickly!

Do not exfoliate any part of your body when you have a spray tan.

Don’t shave, it is a form of exfoliation and will cause your tan to fade faster on your legs. If you do shave, use a clean blade and be sure to use a moisturizing shave gel or cream.

Pat your skin dry with a towel after showering. If you rub, you could remove tanned layers of skin.

Use a quality moisturizer every time you shower, and as needed in between. You must keep skin from drying and flaking because it can cause shedding of the skin and ultimately your tan will fade more quickly. It is vital to use a product specifically designed for sunless tanners because these products have additives to moisturize and extend your tan life. Also, if you need a color boost and hydration in between sessions stop by Beyond Bronze for a moisture treatment!

Avoid tight clothing that may rub the skin and cause possible fading.

Swimming in chlorine can cause fading.

Spray tanning can be combined with UV Tanning! In fact, that is the BEST way to develop a dark, natural tan. Remember though that a spray tan does not protect against sunburn, so appropriate precautions should be taken to avoid overexposure.

We recommend that you give your skin a break after about 4 sunless sessions to allow for your skin to fully exfoliate. Skipping a session can help your next sessions be more even. If however, you cannot skip a session we offer an exfoliation treatment that takes about 10 minutes and will remove all left-over spray tan and leave your skin feeling silky smooth–the perfect canvas for your next spray.

Beyond Bronze carries a full line of sunless products designed to help you prepare for and maintain your sunless tan. We have Exfoliators, Mositurizers, Body Washes, and even sunless touch up products! Ask one of our technicians if you are interested in any of these products.

If you or someone you know has had a terrible spray tan, don’t worry anymore because we can REMOVE the bad spray tan! Just give us a call and set up an appointment for a SPRAY TAN REMOVAL!Hide Content