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“Beyond Bronze Tanning Boutique is committed to providing our guests with exceptional tanning results, and the most outstanding tanning experience possible. We do this by choosing the most advanced tanning equipment and lamps for our salon, providing a range of the highest quality tanning products for our guests, and by offering an immaculately clean environment.”

The mission of Beyond Bronze is simply to help you, our guest, achieve the bronze color you want in a pleasant and relaxing environment.More…

At Beyond Bronze, we have invested in superior tanning equipment, with proven tanning power. For each piece of equipment, we choose the highest quality lamps designed to deliver deep, rich, bronze tans for our guests. Although this may cost a little more, we find it is worth the investment to help us deliver on our mission and help you achieve exceptional tanning results.

We have carefully researched and selected the most outstanding skin care products on the market and made them available to our guests. We firmly believe that by helping you choose the best skin care products and providing superior tanning equipment, all guests of Beyond Bronze will achieve their tanning goals.

All employees of Beyond Bronze have been Smart Tan trained to help our guests choose the combination of lotions, moisturizers, and tanning equipment to effectively reach and maintain your individual tanning goals. We are also dedicated to continually striving to provide the cleanest environment possible.Hide Content


At Beyond Bronze, we understand that your day- to- day life can be hectic and exhausting. We also know that it is important to take a few minutes to unwind and relax. When you walk into Beyond Bronze, you will find your haven! Take your few minutes to relax, feel the warmth of our tanning equipment, and get a great tan! After your session you will leave feeling beautiful, refreshed, and recharged!More…

You will notice that at Beyond Bronze, comfort is also one of our top priorities. From our warm, inviting colors and contemporary décor, to the relaxing Zen music in our beds, it will be evident that we are here to help you relax. You will never find distasteful interior design in our salon and you will never wonder about our cleanliness. While you are at Beyond Bronze, you never have to worry…just come by and take time for yourself.Hide Content


Sometimes tanning can seem like a service that is clumped with other services like gyms and tanning, or nails and tanning, etc. However at Beyond Bronze, we give our guests the full indoor tanning experience. Although other companies may offer the tanning service, they may not offer the same results-driven necessities like our superior tanning equipment and high quality lamps. At Beyond Bronze we offer class, sophistication, and tanning expertise. Our guests benefit from a unique and relaxing tanning experience. You can rest assured that we are up-to-date with tanning knowledge and are dedicated to providing excellent tanning results that you may not find other places.


When people first step in to Beyond Bronze, they immediately notice our highly advanced tanning equipment. Although each bed has its own individual room, as you walk down the hall, you cannot help but notice the color-changing mood lighting coming from the exterior of our beautiful beds. When you look closer you will notice the relaxing frosted acrylic for a more visually appealing experience. The exterior beauty of our beds is only a glimpse of the most cutting edge technology our beds offer on the inside.More…

If you found our equipment visually impressive, you will be blown away once you are inside the beds. Our advanced beds are designed to make you feel warm and comfortable throughout your entire tanning session. All our beds are equipped with a superior cooling system to increase the comfort of your session. The surface of our Bronzing and Perfecting beds are contoured to your body for the most relaxing session possible. Most of our beds are equipped with four stations of Zen music, a relaxing, gentle music to add to the calming and relaxing ambiance of your tan. These beds also include an input for your personal mp3 player if you want to personalize your music, or you always have the option to listen to the Beyond Bronze iPod we play throughout the salon. Finally, our beds are equipped with special facial bronzers to give you a more natural facial color than regular lamps.

We have four categories of beds offered at Beyond Bronze, that vary in intensity: Building, Intensifying, Bronzing, and Perfecting. We have a Stand-Up bed on our perfecting level that is superior to all others!

Beyond Bronze also offers spray tanning for those desiring a UV free tan! Guest may choose between light, medium or dark as well as a variety of other options to customize your sunless experience. The Norvell Custom Spray Tan System boast the newest solution on the market to ensure a streak-free natural looking tan. Our “Master” Level Certified Spray Tan Technician will guide each guest through the entire process and help determine the individual’s needs. The VersaSpa is an automated sunless spray booth for those desiring a gorgeous fast tan without having to make an appointment. The VersaSpa provides our guest with the newest technology on the market including voice prompts, heaters and multi-session sprays.Hide Content


At Beyond Bronze, cleanliness is one of our top priorities. Beyond Bronze holds each and every employee accountable for maintaining our cleanliness standards.

Each time a guests exits a tanning room after their session, a certified Tanning Technician immediately sanitizes the entire room with hospital grade disinfectant using a fresh clean cloth. Not only do we sanitize the top and bottom acrylics, but we also sanitize the outside of the beds on top and bottom, shoulder tanners, benches, mirrors, shelves, pillows, rugs, hooks, fans, and door handles. Anything that a guest may have previously touched is promptly cleaned by one of our Tanning Technicians.More…

All of our beds are disinfected on a daily basis, before or after hours. The disinfecting process allows us to deep clean each room thoroughly, giving us extra assurance that our salon and equipment meets our superior cleanliness specifications.

We hold the rest of our salon to our cleanliness standards as well. We strive to keep our lobby, welcome desk, vanity station, restroom, hallway, and product displays orderly and clean. Our staff continuously cleans these areas for a fresh clean salon experience for each and every guest.

For more information on the cleaning products used at Beyond Bronze, visit www.lucasproducts.com.Hide Content


Beyond Bronze Tanning Boutique is a place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you walk in. We understand that simple gestures can have a huge impact on your overall tanning experience. That is why we hire the friendliest and most pleasant Tanning Specialists and Technicians we can find.More…

Once we have filled our positions with outgoing staff, we then educate them on Smart Tanning which includes sun tanning, sunless tanning, and skin care. All Tanning Specialists complete a rigorous training program and upon graduation they are certified at either the Master or Ambassador level. Even after the initial certification, our Specialists and Technicians continually attend seminars and training to keep their knowledge up to date.Hide Content


We understand that tanning at Beyond Bronze is an intimate and private experience. We want to be sure all our clients feel comfortable and safe with all aspects of your visit. We have several ways of putting you at ease regarding your safety and security while at Beyond Bronze.More…

Guest Confidentiality- All employees of Beyond Bronze promise to protect all private information that we may obtain and keep on file. We also promise that none of the information you provide us will ever be sold to third party businesses or used to solicit other business.

Security- Beyond Bronze is equipped with security cameras throughout the common areas of the salon. We are constantly monitoring for suspicious or dangerous activities. Beyond Bronze has no cameras in private tanning rooms or in the restroom.

Finger Print Scanners- We always verify the identity of our clients with a finger print scanner at check in. This helps us protect your personal identity, information, and tanning privileges. This will never be used for any other purpose other than locating your tanning record.

Cleanliness- We have very strict standards of cleanliness at Beyond Bronze to protect our guests from accidents. We also exceed minimum state requirements for sanitizing tanning equipment and rooms. For more information about our cleanliness policies, please see the cleanliness section on our About Us page.

General Tanning Safety- At Beyond Bronze, we firmly believe in the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning which is “Don’t EVER Sunburn.” All of our Tanning Specialists are Smart Tan certified, and are knowledgeable about preventing overexposure of UV rays. Each guest is asked to complete a Skin Type analysis to give us more general information about your personal tanning ability. We use this information for the sole purpose of assisting our guests in avoiding overexposure and developing a personal tanning plan.Hide Content

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